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Exercises Tips

Muscle Hypertrophy vs Muscle Endurance

In the fitness and weight-training world, people are often wondering how many reps of each exercise they should be doing or how heavy they should be lifting in order to
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Knee Hyperextension: What It is and How To Improve It

WHAT IS IT? Knee Hyperextension happens when the knee joint is excessively straightened, resulting in high stress on the entire knee from the structure to the back of the knee
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Strength Training and Effective Weight Loss

STRENGTH TRAINING AND EFFECTIVE WEIGHT LOSS Over the years, most people believed that doing intensive cardio is the only effective way for weight loss. However, new science has shown that
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What is Pelvic Tilt? Learn How to Improve It

PELVIC TILT The pelvic is the lower part of your torso where your mid section connects to your legs. It is an essential body part that helps with day-to-day function
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Squats Vs. Deadlifts – Let’s Talk the Difference

Squats and Deadlifts are both highly effective ways of strength training your lower body muscles. Both exercises are intended to strengthen muscle groups within your legs and glutes, however, depending
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