Science, Expertise, and Technology​


With a unique blend of science, expertise and technology, our bootcamps are to guarantee results. The workouts are designed by veteran coaches that specialize in metabolic conditioning. This allows the workouts to utilize different energy systems to maximize results. We provide each camper with a heart rate monitor, allowing the working heart rate to be always displayed on a monitor, providing an instant feedback on heartrate and the level of intensity each camper is working at. Backed by scientific research, each workout provides a specific work-to-rest ratio and a target heartrate zone.

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The Time

Bootcamps are 50 mins in length and are held throughout the day, so come in when it’s convenient for you!

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The Workouts

Just bring the mindset to work on your fitness goals and we’ll do the rest. Every workout can be progressed or regressed to help you work at your current capacity.

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The Technology

The use of heartrate monitors allows each camper the access to their heart rate data in real time.

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The Variety

We provide a huge variety of training programs, you will never do the same one twice!

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The Duos

Come with a friend and workout together or get to know your fellow campers better by pairing up with them. All and all, keep each other accountable and work towards those fitness goals.

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The Competition

A little competition won’t hurt nobody. At the end of the bootcamp, the camper with the most time spent in the selected zone will receive a little bonus.

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The Challenge

We will host special teamed bootcamps on the weekends where campers form teams and compete against each other, a great way to challenge one another, a great workout and have a lot of fun doing it.